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Why does my dog stare at me?

Do you understand the dog's eyes?

In daily activities, you may often see your pet quietly staring at you. Your first instinctive reaction maybe self-awareness, such as my hair disorder? I have something on my teeth? Is there anything else on me? Why does my dog stare at me? And so on.

But obviously, the dog’s gaze is not a judgment of your appearance.

For thousands of years, dogs and humans have established a close and domesticated relationship. This relationship makes dogs good at observing and dealing with human behavior.

In many cases, the gaze is the dog’s expected behavior to convey a specific type of emotion, need, or need.

If you find your dog staring at you, it may be due to one of the following reasons:

To expect or desire

When you eat, does your dog stare at you? If so, it’s just waiting for a pinch of stuff to fall to the ground or just wanting you to put a bit of food in its mouth.

But worse, this kind of bad dog behavior is straightforward to learn and often occurs. If you give a dog a snack or other food while eating, it will stare at you every time in the future in the hope of getting the same reward.

Besides mealtime, a dog may stare at you because he wants to play or because his toy is stuck under something because he needs you to help him take it out.

If your dog needs to relax, it will also stare at you to convey its need to go out.

Want an order

If your dog is well trained, it will stare at you and wait for instructions. If walking in front of the crosswalk, it may stare at you to determine whether it should sit and wait or continue to move forward.

Your dog wants to please you, so its gaze is that it wants to know a direction – indicating the direction of what to do next because only doing well and doing right can make you happy.

Expressing feelings

Dog unconditional love is usually irresistible. When a close emotional relationship is established between a dog and its parents, the dog sometimes expresses its feelings by staring.

When a dog looks at his parents affectionately, his eyes will narrow slightly, and his expression will be soft.

Need protection

This is usually when the dog is enormous; they may stare at the pet’s parents. The reason is that when it defecates, its defense ability is relatively low, and it is in the open outdoors so that danger may come at any time. Therefore, when it is in a weak position, it will pray for the protection of its master.

Reading facial expressions

Dogs are good at reading and interpreting facial expressions.

As your dog stares at you, it may be reading your facial expressions and deciding what to do next.

For example, if you have a worried or sad expression on your face, your dog may decide to sit quietly beside you to try to comfort you;

If you have an angry expression on your face, it may hold its tail tightly and shake away.

Prelude to aggression

This is the most terrible thing. Because once this happens, it means that your dog is not well trained and has bad behavior problems such as possession and attack.

If you touch all its objects, such as toys, food, etc., it will stare at you fiercely to warn you to shrink back.

If your dog gives you this kind of gaze, please step back slowly, and don’t continue to stare at it and ignore it.

After confirming the safety, it is suggested to carry out a professional correction for it, such as flood protection and other behavioral problems.

In general, it’s a good thing for the dog to stare at you and send a positive signal between the dog and the owner. If the dog’s eyes are moving in the direction of aggression, then it’s time to seek professional help from veterinarians and dog training experts.


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