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Why does my dog lick me?

Why does my dog lick me? Whether it’s licking people’s mouth, legs, face, or hands, it might be interesting. Some people have to beg for food, some have to express friendship, and some have to show respect. The owner should not rush to beat and scold when the dog licks people. Otherwise, the dog might be sad. Here are the reasons why dogs are licking people:

Hungry dogs lick their mouths and faces: after hunting, the mother wolf eats the prey and returns to the nest to ruminate for the wolf. Although dogs have been domesticated, they may still have this habit. If a dog licks the face or mouth of its owner, it may be hungry.

Show respect: the dog’s social class status is strict; the low-level dog will lower the body, the high-level dog will show respect, surrender. Sometimes dogs are licking people to show respect for people.

Friendship, intimacy: a dog licking the face of a person is a sign of intimacy sometimes. In addition to helping to clean, dogs lick each other and communicate and express goodwill. A dog licks a man. Maybe it wants to make a friend with you. Well, everybody is a brother.

Dogs lick people’s feet and hands: sometimes it is because the hands and feet have salt, or the hands and feet have body odor. Some dogs will attract dogs, like the smell of human hands and feet, and even the secret smell caused and hand and foot wounds. If you have health issues, it is best to do a good cleaning job and avoid them.

Licking people’s faces

Generally speaking, a dog licking a person’s face means that his parents act as a spoiler for a child. “I like you, “I like you, “it’s easy to be with you. Easy “It’s to be with you. It means the dog likes you and wants to help you lick clean, with the meaning of obedience, especially near the lick mouth!

Lick yourself

As cats do for cleaning, dogs do not lick their bodies. Usually, they think which side is odd to lick. Therefore, they may need to pay attention to whether they are injured or sick when they see dogs licking themselves! They have to worry about whether they are stressed or not lick their feet, nose, and mouth frequently.

Licking with the floor

If the dog licks the floor, the most direct possibility is the smell of food on the floor! But if it’s because of the lack of food,

Next, it may mean that the dog is bored and flustered, so he has to distract himself by licking the floor.

Lick your own or the urine of another dog

There are many options for dogs, including stress, pica, and so on, to lick their urine. Another scenario is that, because urine contains minerals, protein, sugar, and other nutrients, dogs may suffer from malnutrition due to parasites or anemia. They will lick their urine to supplement the nutrients.

Licking the hands of humans

“If, after being scolded, the dog comes to lick your hand, it means the dog begs for your forgiveness: “Don’t be angry!” “I know it’s wrong.

They’re doing this because they know that you’re not going to hurt them, but you’re mad, so they want to lick you.

Of course, dogs come to lick your hands for no reason at all sometimes. That’s because you might have given them snacks when they licked you like this before, so dogs will think that licking your hands will give them something to eat!

How to correct the dog licking habit?

Not only can dog random lick be sick from the mouth, but it also can not be useful in licking toxic substances! Skin redness, inflammation, and hair loss are also caused by licking, so it is best to correct the dog’s licking habit.

First, before it starts licking, stop the dog! The owner should stop it once the dog appears to be licking,

Could you not give a lick of it? Then, we usually have some basic instructions to train the dog, such as sitting down, lying down, and so on. Using these instructions to command them is the way to stop the dog licking so that the dog can focus on your education and forget to lick.

Finally, spend more time playing, walking, or taking dogs to some new places they haven’t been to, so they have less leisure time, so they don’t want to lick them! However, it may be hard to give up licking the host, no way, who teaches them is like you ~

Most of them are friendly when a dog wags his tail and licks his family, while others tell you he is hungry. He wants to lick you and kiss you as long as the dog’s body is clean. Don’t rush off. An excellent way to help promote friendship is proper interaction!

As long as the health permit, dogs lick people, mostly to show friendly, do not worry too much.


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