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Why does my dog eat grass?

Sometimes I take my dog for a walk on the grass, and as soon as I put down the rope, I gnaw hard at the grass. The owner of a dog eating grass doesn’t have to panic. Read the following article to know why the dog eats grass. Of course, the grass that has been treated with pesticides should not be touched by dogs.

Dog generally eat grass. Why? There are several reasons.

  1. Wild dogs, such as wolves and foxes, hunt small animals, which are usually herbivorous, so when wild dogs eat these small animals, they also eat a lot of grass and plants in their intestines.
  2. Studies have shown that dogs eat certain kinds of berries and plants.
  3. Some dogs like to eat grass or some plants. Miguel, for example, will find raspberries and eat them before his master. So why do dogs eat grass? It’s part of their food.

Vomiting after eating grass: most dogs will vomit after ingesting grass. Is it because they want to vomit that they eat grass or because they eat grass that they vomit? It’s like Mr. chicken’s egg or Mr. egg’s chicken. However, it seems that some dogs do look for grass to eat when they feel sick.

This is the expected behavior of a dog

Generally speaking, eating grass is a necessary and expected behavior of a dog. Unless he overeats grass, he should not worry too much. It’s an instinct for dogs to eat grass. There are two main reasons: first, to cure diseases, because the dog’s Constitution itself has the function of vitamin C, so the dog does not need extra vitamin C, but sometimes this function of the dog will fail, because the loss of this function, unable to produce vitamin C, it will reduce their resistance to the virus.

So we eat grass to supplement vitamin C. When the dog is not feeling well, we will go to the roots of plants containing salicylic acid to eat. Salicylic acid is also the raw material of aspirin. The second reason is that it is delicious. Wild dogs, wolves, and foxes will eat delicious fruit food, deficient and sweet fruit food, even if they are not sick.

It’s not necessarily a health problem for dogs in modern cities to eat grass. Most of it is because dogs only eat food with no nutritional value and are not delicious, like instant noodles.

To satisfy their appetite, they almost always swallow anything with flavor. Reason: dogs explore the world with their nose and mouth. The grass is fragrant and has a strong taste. It can be found everywhere. Why not try it? In ancient times, dogs had no chance to enjoy well-prepared food, so they had to search for targets in the roots and stems of weeds and plants.

Dogs sometimes like some green food, just as we occasionally dream of fragrant mashed potatoes. Dogs are omnivores; eating grass is the nutritional needs of dogs. Although dog food has provided comprehensive nutrition, dogs instinctively like to order grass “salad” regularly. Some dogs who seldom eat grass also chew grass leaves when they feel uncomfortable. It seems that grass contains some emetic substances.

Countermeasures: keep the grassland clean.

The grass itself doesn’t hurt dogs, but dirt or chemicals in the grass are dangerous. If the grass is unusually green, it is most likely that some chemical agent has been used. Make sure the dog avoids it. Some veterinarians believe that grass loving dogs need to increase fiber content in their food and suggest feeding some vegetables mixed with meat.


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