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Top 5 Best Reptiles For Beginners

So I hear you’re considering getting a reptile.

I think that’s a good choice.

The next question is: which best reptiles for beginners?

We have selected, from numerous reptiles that you could potentially consider, five that we considered being the best reptiles for beginners.

table of contents:

  1. Bearded Dragon
  2. Leopard Gecko
  3. gargoyle gecko
  4. Corn Snake
  5. Ball Python

At least for people who are getting into the reptile hobby, maybe have never kept a reptile before, perhaps have never had a pet before.

All of these reptiles have a few things in common that we think are important no matter which one you get.

One of them is that they are readily available.

Anyone can go out and find one of these reptiles in their local pet store or somewhere nearby.

They aren’t going to have to go online or find a specialty breeder.

They’re everywhere.

Second, it’s got to be affordable.

Not something that’s going to cost you a thousand, two thousand dollars.

They got to be easy for the house.

You might be able to get inexpensive reptiles.

But if it’s going to need half your house eventually, that might not be ideal for everyone.

They gotta be easy to feed.

Like finding the reptile in the first place if you’ve got to get a specialty diet from who knows where every week.

That’s going to be too much.

The last thing is they kind of be kind of fun to play with, fun to watch.

They can’t stress out overly easily.

Got be able to get them out, maybe children can play with them.

I think at that point what you’ve got is a really good pet.

So this is the Bearded Dragon, of the lizards that we’re looking at, is probably the best one for handling.

Bearded Dragon

For one thing, they are a lot bigger and more robust than some of the other lizards that we’ve looked at.

You can hand this over to a small child and as long as they don’t squeeze it too hard or pull on it, it’s going to be okay.

They are just a little bit tougher

a little more solid. Excellent little lizards.

Second, they are adorable! Very personable lizards.

The only lizard I know of that you can stick it up on your shoulder, and it’ll still be there in an hour.

You can put them on the seat of your car. They are just going to climb up, hang out.

What a fun pet!

There are some downsides. Like all of these, they’re not for everyone.

One thing about these that will be more difficult than some of the other reptiles we’ve looked at is that their diet is a little bit more specialized.

They’re going to need fresh greens daily.

And they’re going to need insect feeders, a lot of insect feeders compared to the other reptiles that we’ve looked at.

And they’re going to need those on a regular basis. So, you’re going to have to have a constant supply of insect feeders and fresh greens, as well as nutritional supplements for them.

The other thing is they need the most expensive lighting.

They need UVB lighting and that means you’re going to need to buy a UV bulb at least every six months to a year depending on the type that you get and those can be somewhat expensive. However, if these are things that aren’t going to deter you this is one of the best pet reptiles you could possibly get.

This is a Leopard Gecko and for a lot of you the leopard gecko could be the ultimate pet reptile. They are, for starters, adorable! Look at them!

Leopard Gecko

While some of these reptiles might scare some of your friends maybe even you nobody’s going to be afraid of your leopard gecko they’re just adorable.

Second off, they’re very very handleable, they’re not going to jump, they’re not going to bite, they’re not gonna get scared, they’re not going to break.

They are capable of losing this tail but if you notice it’s a pretty fat tail it’s a major investment if you’re going to drop that thing so they’re not going to do it willy-nilly. They are also pretty darn low maintenance. They’re straightforward to keep; they’re going to need insect feeders, which can be a con for some of you. However, they don’t eat a whole lot of them compared to especially something like a bearded dragon. They’re just can eat a few insects feeders every week, dusted with calcium and other vitamin supplements. They need moderate heating.

Very very easy to keep and very rewarding, fun pets.

This is a Gargoyle Gecko, and that’s a crested gecko.

gargoyle gecko

These are both New Caledonian geckos. Very very similar care requirements. Both excellent choices for your first pet reptile. Let’s start with the fact, like all geckos; they are stinking adorable. Nobody’s going to dislike a gecko. They’re very handleable, not quite as handleable with some of the other animals that we’ve talked about today, but very very handleable. Very interactive. They’re going to be calm for the most part. Play with you. They can jump, and some people will find out a little bit startling.

They can also drop their tail; we’ll talk about that later. So those could be downsides but very handleable and very easy to feed. They’re going to eat a powder-based diet. You add a little water – excellent.

 And they’re very, very inexpensive to the house. Something the size of the 10-gallon aquarium is perfectly adequate for an adult crested gecko or gargoyle gecko. Cons. They’re going to need a small amount of daily care. You’re to need to mist them in the morning and evening. Just a little bit, not so much that you soak things but just enough that they have something to drink. And it would be best if you fed them every other night.

The other thing, as I said before, they can be a little bit fragile with handling. They are smaller than some of the other animals we’ve talked about which means they could get hurt.

They jump, but they can lose their tail. You see, this crested gecko here has dropped this tail, and they can do that anytime they want. And with the crested geckos, it doesn’t grow back with the gargoyle geckos, it does, but that’s something that you might want to be aware of. I like getting one without a tail. They didn’t have to worry about it.

This is the Corn Snake.

corn snake

As far as snakes go, this is one of the best possible pets that you could get. They are very reasonable in size. This is a pretty small one. They will get more extensive than this, but they don’t get huge, which is a beautiful thing, but excellent handling.

They’re entertaining to interact with; snakes, in general, are a lot of fun.

Generally speaking, more fun to play with than they are to watch. And I love playing with snakes. If you’ve never played with a snake before, you got to give it a try.

They also require meager amounts of daily care. Also, you just kind of make sure everything is clean, make sure their water bowls are filled, and about once a week, you’re going to need to feed them. Let’s talk about providing them because that can be a con for some people. These guys will eat rodents, which means you need to get mice and rats regularly – about once a week. Some people aren’t going to be up for that.

 The other thing is some people are not going to be up for a snake at all. I don’t know what it is, but some people don’t like them, and if you don’t like them, it’s not going to be the pet for you. However, if you do like snakes, this is a great one.

This is a Ball Python.

Ball Python

And ball pythons are one of the best pet reptiles you could get. For starters, they are a pretty robust snake without being huge.

They’re very moderate in size; they’re a pretty small size python but nice and thick. This isn’t even a really

big one, but they don’t get a lot bigger than this. So that can be ideal for a lot of first-time reptile keepers. Second, they’re fun.

They’re calm. See how calm this is for a snake? He will hang out with you watch while you watch a movie. Not a lot of snakes that will do that. Amazing!

Enjoyable pets. Cons: if you don’t like snakes, again, it’s not for you -it’s a snake. They also eat rodents, which if you can’t get rodents or you’re averse to feeding rodents to any other sort of animal – snakes in general probably not going to be for you. Ball pythons not for you. As snakes go, they have a reputation for being a little bit more of a finicky eater. It can vary depending on which individual it is.

Captive-bred individuals don’t tend to be nearly as finicky as wild-caught, but you could end up with an unplanned pet or waste some food at times. Those are the only real cons. 

As we mentioned before, every single one of these five pet reptiles is an incredible choice. You can’t go wrong.


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