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Top 10 Most Expensive Fish In The World

If you are a hobbyist or aquarist adding up some rare fishes to your list or if you are just a person who like to see fishes in aquariums then you may be certainly willing to know the top 10 most expensive fishes in the world that are priced on their rarity, coloration and location from where they are captured. Most of these locations being very difficult for divers to reach and to capture these fast swimmers is another difficulty for them to deal with.
So that’s why some of the fishes you get to know in this video are so expensive that it even cost as much as your own house or any luxury car that you may have.

At Number 10 is Wrought Iron Butterfly Fish Costing around $2,700.

Wrought Iron Butterfly Fish

This is a scarce fish that mostly occurs in regions of Japan, and you cannot find them
with any North American fish collectors.
It belongs to the family of well-known butterflyfish and the hardiest fish among butterflies.
It reaches a size of 6 inches. And they are the most fun to watch in aquariums as they are very active swimmers and make
zip movements in the water.

Number 9, Australian Flathead Perch Known for its vivid color and stripes, this fish cost as much as $5000 when available.

Australian Flathead Perch

It is one of the rarest fish to catch and is found only in certain regions of Australia.
They prefer ghost shrimps and need plenty of hiding places when kept in aquariums.
Occasionally they do come out and show off their vivid color to some onlookers, which pleases them.

At Number 8 is Nami Green Arowana. This is another rare fish which cost around $5000.

Nami Green Arowana

It has almost become extinct and is found only in the Pedu Lake or Nami Dam, located in the Kedah northern state of Malaysia.
Batik stripes are the prominent coloration in Nami Green Arowana, and they are fascinating to look at in well-maintained aquarium tanks.

Number 7, Neptune Grouper It is also one of the rarest fish costing up to $6000.

Neptune Grouper

They are deep water fish and are very hard to catch and to be found as well.
The juvenile and adult differ in their coloration, with the child showing yellow and orange shades while the adult has a prominent pink coloration.
These fishes are admired by many who see them in aquariums.

Number 6, Golden Basslet Smallest and belonging to the grouper family, this fish cost up to $8000.

Golden Basslet Smallest

As the name suggests, it has a stunning golden color, but they are timid fish and do not often come out to the public in aquariums.
They are also deep-sea creatures and caught with submersible craft, so it is one reason for such a high price tag for these fishes.

Number 5, Bladefin Basslet Found in the deep waters of Caribbean Sea Bladefin Basslet cost around $10,000, and it is hardly seen on sales.

Bladefin Basslet Found

The name comes from the funny dorsal fin of this fish, which looks like a blade.
It is also one of the rare fish, and due to the difficulty in capturing this deep water reef fish, it is priced so high in the market.

Number 4, Masked Angelfish cost around $20000.

Masked Angelfish

It is deep-sea fish found around the Hawaiian Islands and is closely associated with coral reefs.
It has the prominent black masking on its face covering its mouth and eyes, and forehead.
To capture this fish, one has to dive as much as 23m – 174m, and no wonder why fish collectors bring them out at such a cost.

Number 3, Peppermint Angelfish This is also a rare fish that is costing crazily up to $30000.

Peppermint Angelfish

It is a deep seawater fish, and it is very difficult for average drivers to go to the depths where these fishes are found.
Peppermint Angelfish has prominent red and white stripes that are very eye-catching.
In 2012 only one of such fish was kept for exhibit, which since then added up to the list of exotic collectors who wish to see them in aquariums.

Number 2, Freshwater Polka Dot Stingray This fish has a price tag of $100,000.

Freshwater Polka Dot Stingray

It is not easily found in the wild and nor it can survive in the wild because of its genetic mutation on the front of its head, causing it to appear u-shaped instead of round, which is usually the case for most stingrays; this adds up the difficulty for it to hunt the shellfish which it usually eats.
In captivity, the polka bot must be hand served with a healthy diet to survive well.

And at Number 1 is the Platinum Arowana. Making the most expensive fish on this list is the platinum Arowana costing as much as $400,000.

Platinum Arowana

It has pure white coloration with a black pupil, resulting from a genetic mutation in Arowana.
This fish is so precious that a micro ID chip is implanted into it before it attains sexual maturity.
They can grow up to 34 inches and live for more than 50 years if fed well in captivity with live foods like crickets and worms; they also need at least a 300-gallon tank to live well.
Like most Arowana, they are intelligent and can be trained to hand-fed and obey their owner.


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