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How Often Do You Walk Your Dog?

Basic one I’m gonna be honest as we’re gonna be talking about how often do you walk your dog.

Often you should walk them dependent on their breed etc so hopefully, it will be able to answer all of your guys’ questions today before we do get started.

Obviously, the amount of exercise a dog needs is very much dependent on their breed their age, and also their activity level as well obviously.

If a dog is quite old they obviously won’t be able to do the same amount of exercise.
As maybe a puppy would do or a young adult.

So I’m actually to split this article into three different part we’ll be splitting it into breed age and also activity level so that you guys can learn a little bit more about what may be an exercise that your dog might need.

Obviously, there isn’t really a guideline or statutory links that you guys can look at so you can’t exactly look at the list and say yeah that’s the breed of Mad Dog that’s how old it is so it needs to have an hour worth of exercise a day it doesn’t really work like that it’s very much dependent on your circumstances as well as your dogs.

So firstly we’re going to be looking at the breed of your dog, obviously, if your dog is a working dog or a sporting breed such as pointers collies and Shepherds they will have a higher exercise requirement Milo needs a lot of exercises today, he’s pretty much on the go 24/7 all of the time, he’s doing something whether it’s playing with the toy going for a walk or playing outside in the garden he’s always doing
something apart from now when he’s sort of having a nap with you okay and as well as the actual breed of your dog.

That’s important to know that some dogs may love exercise and some dogs might hate it some does might hate going out for walks so it’s very important to link it that way as well Milo is a working dog.

He is a collie so he loves going out for walks both of them put together means he needs to be doing something all the time.

Younger dogs will be able to do so many more different things and be able to do it for a prolonged amount of time the older the dog less amount of exercise they may be able to do which is important to take into account if you have an old dog during expected to be able to keep up with theyoung adults because it just isn’t fair or isn’t possible for that dog but it’s also important to know that as the dog gets older they may also have health problems as well as younger dogs as well if your dog has any sort of health problems don’t expect that much from them or as much as they may be able to do when they were sort of fit and healthy so if they do have health problems like arthritis etc and maybe don’t hit and run as long of a walk or it depends like I say if your dog loves to walk and they have arthritis and let them go out for as long as they want it really just depends on your dog but I’m just here to give you a few pointers or what you might have to look out for.

The next one we’ll be looking at is exercise tolerance or
activity levels your dog can take most dogs can handle about twenty to thirty minutes worth of exercise per day however some dogs can actually go on for two-plus hours.

I mean, Milo we normally take him on about two hours worth of walking every single day, and now in the morning in an hour in the evening, I actually wonder one with manna this morning and he loved it.

It so soon what which I think’s why is a little bit knackered now, but just take into account what they might be able to do, and what the man is not able to do, I mean maybe push a lock and take them for an extra-long walk and see how they react to that I mean if they are shattered when they get home it depends what you see is a good thing if you want your dog to be tired out so that they sleep better etc then it might be good to take them on longer walks it also depends on you as an owner and what you can provide for your dog if you are busy doing 95 every single day might be a good idea to maybe don’t get a dog that needs as much exercise as a collie because it just won’t necessarily be fair on the dog because they love going for walks and the other working dog so.


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